For Farmers

Jakoti hand shears are ideal for all aspects of shearing, hand trimming and dagging.

More efficient than the usual double bow design, the carbon-steel blades are amazingly sharp and cut cleanly with the minimum of effort. 

The ergonomically designed handles are comfortable for long periods of use and the low tension spring makes them easy to operate. Hand crafted from high quality carbon-steel, the self sharpening design of the blades ensures a clean cut every time.

Made using traditional metalwork skills and exclusively imported, these shears have been refined and developed over the last 40 years and are unmatched for design quality and performance.

What do people say?

Farmers Guardian
"SHEEP shears previously only available on the continent are now on sale in the UK from Somerset-based company Jakoti […]. The Jakoti hand shears are ‘more like scissors’ than conventional double bow-style shears. The carbon steel blades are very sharp and easy to re-sharpen. The tool has also been designed to be comfortable to use for long periods of time, as a low tension spring makes them easy to open." forum
"I have just bought the Jakoti hand shears as recommended here and they are BRILLIANT! I would strongly recommend them as at £20 sheared as quick if not quicker than electric although they are dangerously sharp so need to be really careful." forum
"I bought a pair of Jakoti hand shears and found them a huge improvement on the traditional variety. I’m still VERY slow and the sheep don’t look to good when I’ve finished with them, but the shears are certainly easy to use and comfortable to handle."

Charmaine Slaven, USA.
"The new shears are EXCELLENT! Just wanted to share how happy I was with your product, sheared my 3rd ewe today with the new shears after struggling through the first 2 shearings last week with very low quality shears… the jakoti’s made the job 10 times easier! Thanks again for making a REAL tool available."

Marty McGee Bennett
"I have been hand shearing since the early 80’s and have used many different brands of hand shears these Jakoti shears are the absolute best tool for the job!"

Laura Harrawood, Camelidynamics Handler
"In July 2008 I attended an advanced clinic where I got a chance to use the Jakoti hand shears. I have 22 llamas and do all my shearing by hand. I’ve used scissors of various types and traditional hand shears from expensive new ones to antique sheep shears. The Jakoti hand shears is by far the best I have ever tried. They are light weight without feeling cheap. They handle good and give a nice clean cut. I can take a big swath without the shears getting bound up. I am able to get close to the skin and still navigate so I don’t nip the animal. I didn’t design them but somehow the ergo dynamics are perfect and I don’t get hand fatigue. They are absolutely fabulous and I bought 2 pair in case I lose one. My vet likes them too so I may buy a pair for her as a Christmas present."